When you’re one of the ten most exclusive golf courses in the world, who can you trust when it comes to hygiene?

Serving thousands of clients, from professional golfers to owners, CEO’s and board members of multi-billion-pound companies, the JCB Golf & Country Club caters for the worlds golfing elite as well as some of the biggest names in business. As the UK’s no.1 golf course and one of the top ten most exclusive in the world, the JCB Golf & Country Club describes itself as “the dawn of a new vision for golf” and with resident PGA professionals like John Howells and five times European tour winner Tommy Fleetwood making good use of the world class facilities, you’d be hard pressed to argue.

Never compromise

In working with Chemex, JCB has opted for a quality product range, not necessarily the cheapest, so we put it to Gary, why is quality so important?

“Here at JCB Golf & Country Club we pride ourselves on providing a first-class service in all areas. Cleaning and hygiene are critical to that, so using top quality cleaning products helps us to achieve this across the board. That confidence & peace of mind is crucial and an easy ordering system, plus expert help and guidance when required is the cherry on top”


Get it right first time

The old adage ‘time is money’ is pretty spot on for those working in hospitality. Getting things done quickly and consistently is key to a successful business, but with variables such as staff training or level of cleaning required, it’s difficult to ensure consistency across the board. It’s just another reason JCB chose to work with Chemex…

The products work first time, saving the team a lot of time and effort. Repeating the same job over & over just wouldn’t work for us, we need it done and done properly the first time. We also have to be mindful of Health & safety legislation and Food safety, any kind of slip-up could become an issue.”


Make it easy

More often than not, the easier the better, and at Chemex that’s exactly what we try and do for all our customers. Our product range is designed to conquer any task and our advanced formulations ensure even the toughest jobs are made easy. But it doesn’t stop with the products, thanks to a dedicated team of experts we have the knowledge and experience to help our customers with almost anything cleaning, and hygiene related.

“Our Chemex account manager Ian is superb. Always on hand when needed and always has the information needed to hand, he’s a credit to Chemex. I hadn’t used Chemex before joining JCB, but I’ve been very impressed with the products and the support.”


We look forward to our continued work with JCB and supporting them in their expansion of the JCB Golf & Country Club facilities.

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