Cleaning Solutions for all Industries

Whatever sector you operate in, we’ll ensure you implement the very best cleaning practices and hygiene solutions

Such is the comprehensive nature of Chemex’s cleaning solutions, we offer all customers an extensive range of products to suit virtually any requirements. All our cutting-edge products have been carefully developed and honed over time to cater for both general daily maintenance needs, as well as more specialised and specific cleaning tasks.

As your one-stop provider for all your cleaning needs, we also supply ancillary and paper products to be used with, or alongside, Chemex cleaning solutions to achieve the most efficient and effective results.

Our turnkey cleaning solutions are perfect for all tasks, including:

Our popular cleaning products for all industries

Bacticlean XTRA



One Up Premier

Citrus Toilet Cleaner

Safe Shield Hand Sanitiser

Enduro Hand Sanitiser

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Why you should choose Chemex for your business’ cleaning needs


Innovative Products

We produce ingenious products that not only effectively clean and disinfect all types of surfaces, but also save you time, effort and money


Product Training

Training is key to every business – which is why we educate our clients’ staff on things like cost control and effective cleaning processes


Maintaining Compliance

Clients across the country trust us to help them maintain compliance requirements, in turn upholding their business’s reputation


Bespoke Solutions

By gaining a thorough understanding of your business, we can produce a clear plan of action to meet your unique requirements

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