Chemzyme Fresh

Biological cleaner for all surfaces

Chemzyme Fresh is a biological cleaner containing a blend of bacteria and natural detergents. All the ingredients are safe, natural and biodegradable.

The bacteria are specially selected, natural strains producing natural enzymes to digest organic soils, greases and malodours. Put simply, it’s using nature’s technology to clean where chemicals fail.

Using Chemzyme Fresh makes huge commercial as well as environmental sense. It improves the user’s experience by giving cleaner and odour-free premises, enhancing your environmental credentials and reducing costs.

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Key benefits:

  • Simple and safe to use
  • Completely ‘green’
  • Carbon-neutral, biological cleaning reduces customers’ carbon footprint dramatically and enhances environmental credentials
  • Can offer dramatic improvements over traditional products
  • Particularly effective at odour control
  • Once applied it works 24/7 digesting soils

Why you should choose Chemex for your cleaning product needs


Innovative Products

We produce ingenious products that not only effectively clean and disinfect all types of surfaces, but also save your time, effort and money.


Product Training

Training is key to any successful business – which is why we educate clients’ staff on aspects such as cost control and effective cleaning processes.


Maintaining Compliance

Clients across the country trust us to help them maintain compliance requirements, in turn upholding their business’ reputation.


Bespoke Solutions

By gaining a thorough understanding of your business, we can produce a clear plan of action to meet your unique requirements.