Automatic dishwasher detergent

Ultraclean has been formulated for use in commercial automatic dishwashers, as well as traywash and glasswash machines. Ultraclean will effectively remove dried-on food residues from crockery and pans, and lipstick from tea and coffee cups. Ultraclean contains a blend of caustic alkalis, sequestrants, scale inhibitor and low foaming surface active agents.

Ultraclean does not need to contain a biocide as crockery washed using the correct dose level at 65-70°C followed by a hot water rinse at 80-95°C will be thermally disinfected.

Clean, bright crockery never fails to give your customers a good impression of your business – Ultraclean will ensure yours is left sparkling.

Key benefits:

  • Rapidly breaks down grease, starch and protein
  • Contains ingredients to minimise the chemical effect of the wash solution on crockery, giving crockery a longer service life

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